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5 Things You May Not Know About Sara

2014-06-12_0001I was raised by my father.  Yes – myself and two sisters were raised by my single father.  My mom has always been involved in our family, but we lived primarily with our dad.  He deserves a medal for raising three teenage girls by himself.

I had a rat tail.  I was a little confused when I was little and would fluctuate between a tomboy and girly girl.  I looked up to my sister a ton and during our days on the BMX track, she grew out a rat tail.  I wanted to be like her so bad that I grew one out as well.  My rat tail didn’t last long and was probably just enough to call it one, but I loved those days in the dirt and on my bike.

I drove my first car when I was 13.  My dad had let me steer and such before that, but he was always fixing cars up.  My sisters were off at college and my dad needed to get a car to get worked on.  So, next thing I knew I was driving down the street.  Little did I know this was going to create a new habit for me, and my dad.

I’m the tallest one in my family.  At 5’5″ 5’6″, I am the tallest of my immediate blood family.  I’m really not sure how that happened by eating fast food all the time, but there must be some type of nutrients floating around.

I was on The Price is Right.  I was ON the show, but I was not a contestant.  When I was on summer project in 2001 with CRU, a group of us went up for the show.  I was sitting in the front row, right next to contestant row.  One of the guys in our group did get on though and made it up on stage as a contestant.


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