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It’s been a busy month, but we have little to show. I also feel like a lot has changed over the last few weeks, mainly internally. I find myself in a weird place.

Our work is done – we think! This is really big news, but nothing official. We have completed ALL of the steps and home studies needed for the adoption-waiting game. But, we do not have our final report yet. What does this mean? In short – waiting. Adoption and waiting should just become synonyms. The report usually takes 4-6 weeks once they have all the necessary information. Then they write up a report summarizing everything we have discussed. The one nice thing about this waiting game, we have a time frame. So we are hoping to OFFICIALLY be waiting before Thanksgiving.

We celebrated our 10 year anniversary and went on our first cruise! Unfortunately, despite the amazing service we had, we didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as we had hoped. I was sea sick and my anxiety was stirring. It was a really hard trip for us. We had high hopes of a cruise life, but not sure if that is going to work to see the world. I had some temper tantrums and wrestled hard with the Lord. My desire to control things came rushing to the surface and the Lord met me there and through the darkness. Again, it was hard. Really hard. But good. Yes – hard, but good, as many things are.

Hurricane Matthew made his way through Florida. We had some small limbs and lost power for a few hours, but for the most part, everything was fine here. Everyone around town was prepared for much worse so it was a great reminder of God’s grace coming out the other side.


We find ourselves counting our blessings and recognizing God’s grace once again. The last year has been very humbling in many ways. We are even more grateful for our community and the friends and family that surround us! Please know that we still need you. Would you pray for these next few weeks and a quick report, without any big hurdles? Would you also pray for Teddy and his/her birth family? We know that God has the perfect match for us and we are so excited to meet him/her!

One more thing, will you help us? You can join us on this journey and truly show your support. We have two fundraisers that are coming up (t-shirts and mini photo sessions). If you want to and can be a part financially, please do so. If not, would you consider being a part of this journey by spreading the word? We will need to pay the majority of the balance once our report is finalized. Any amount is greatly appreciated and every share and referral goes a LONG way.

Thanks again!

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