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bear-faceWe have chosen this hashtag for a few different reasons.  First, let’s address Teddy.  Teddy is our name for this little one for the time being.  We do not plan to name our child that.  Why Teddy?  We will just give you a minute for that one…

We believe this is a communal effort, especially with the Church.  The Lord calls us to care for widows and orphans.  He also gives the Church direct instruction in raising children.  In the same way we would (and hope) to dedicate our child within the local church and ask covenant members to stand alongside us, we are asking the big c Church to do the same in helping us bring Teddy home.  And yes, home.  Although genetically we will not be connected to this little one, everything else in his/her life will claim us as parents.  Our names will appear on the birth certificate.  We will be called mother and father.  He/she has a room in our home.  All these things are true – and we want Teddy to feel at home from day one.

We need you-period.  Children are expensive.  We know that – and I’m also guessing we have some of that to figure out.  We will be enduring the finances for the next 18 years.  We get it.  So, why are we raising support for a baby?  Well, we need you, and WANT you to be a part of this.  We estimate it will cost about $30,000 to simply call Teddy our own.  The agency we are working with has a set fee and then we have attorney fees and court fees for finalizing the adoption.  For domestic infant adoption, this agency is very comparable to the others out there.  Part of that financing will also help the birth mother with her expenses, and if something wild happens and she changes her mind, we will not need to pay that part again.  Our agency also provides counseling to the birth families, and we are incredibly grateful to be a part of helping the mother and family work through all that she is going through.

So, with our cost, we are hoping to raise support to cover 50-60%.  We have a few opportunities that will be coming up, but every little bit counts.  This will be responsible for the majority of the funding (and we have a big check to write in the next week or two.)  So, would you consider being a financial part of #bringingteddyhome?

Here’s how it works:
You choose a number from above.  Any number that fits where you are today.  You choose that number, and donate that amount.  That’s it.  If you see a little teddy, that means that amount has already been claimed.  If you would like to donate that same amount, we are happy for you to do so, we may just cross off a few increments to add up to that amount.  So, for example, if you choose $200, you would give $200 to help bring Teddy home.  If that has already been taken, then we would cross off 101 and 99 instead.  Our hope is that many of you will be a part, even before Teddy comes home, in loving and caring for him/her from afar.  Any amount is greatly appreciated and you can use the button below to give directly through Pay Pal or contact us for other options.


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