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Helpful Hints: Bridal Portraits

Yokel-85Whether you are the bride or photographer, the day seems to fly by.  It is rare that everything goes as planned and that everyone arrives on time with everything.  Somehow, the most organized and prepared bride and her team, always seem to be rushed (especially with not doing a first look.)  There are so many things being juggled and it is especially hard to slow down, take a deep breath, and just enjoy the moment.  To acknowledge the day, your dreams, and as the new chapter begins, closing out the previous one.

So, make time.
Cinar-71One of the smallest changes we have made in our coverage just takes a few minutes.  It allows us and the bride (and groom) to slow down.  To rest.  And to just have a few quiet moments before the celebration begins. We do this with both the bride and groom, whether they are doing a first look or not.  You never quite know how either will respond.  It is great to follow up with a dad’s first look, first look for the couple, or even a first touch.  We simply set aside 20-30 minutes before any other formal photos to spend some one-on-one time with the bride (and groom.)  We love making this an intimate moment!  We ask all the girls and family to leave us alone and take some time for the bride to just enjoy the peace and quiet.  After taking a few formals, it may be a good time for the gift or card from the groom to be delivered.  Obviously, it would be a great idea to have this built into the schedule and work with the coordinator to plan accordingly.




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