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Helpful Hints: Wardrobe Pictures


Back again with a another tip for both photographers and brides.  Photographers- this is a great thing to share with your bride in her final consult before the big day.  Brides- put someone else in charge of this so you don’t have to worry about it on the day of.  It will help the day start off on time and ensure that these little details don’t get missed later on.

Make sure all, yes ALL, of the items you will be wearing are gathered in one place.  And while I’m at it, make sure they are ready to go.  This means the dress is already steamed.  Any decals or notes on the bottom of your shoes are already there and tangles are out of the necklace.  If you are having hair and makeup done on location at home or the ceremony venue, have all of this ready then…before the photographer arrives.  If you are having hair and makeup done at a salon, have someone deliver all of these to the location where you will be getting dressed before you arrive.
We like to start with a few photos of the bride getting hair and makeup done.  It doesn’t make sense for us to be there the whole time, but this is a part of the day that we don’t want to miss!  If the dress and other items are together in the same area (parents’ home, hotel, ceremony, etc), we can take some time to get those shots and then put our attention back on the bride for the last touch of lipstick or the hairdresser putting in her veil.  Once the veil is in, we don’t want to take it out.  If things go accordingly, by the time the bride is done with hair and makeup, she can move straight in to getting dressed without waiting on anything else.

Here are some items to consider gathering:









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