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Hurry Up…

…and wait!

It’s really the ebb and flow of this whole process.  You find yourself working as fast as you can to fill out the paperwork.  Then you wait until the next training.  Then you’re quick to complete a profile book while you wait for the background check and fingerprints to clear.  Then you wait for the home study, celebrate, and then wait for the next.  And here we are again.  Waiting.  There is nothing else for US to be doing right now.  Everything is in the adoption agency’s hands.  We wait for their final report and board approval.  So we wait.  Some days seem like a normal day.  Others seem like groaning as we grow anxious and eagerly await for Teddy.

T-shirts should be headed out THIS week!  It’s way sooner than we expected and we are so excited to spread the love! Thank you soooooo much for all of those who donated!!!  Would you be so kind to help share?  You can use #BringingTeddyHome or send people to this site.

august-16After the t-shirts have been paid for, we are only about $4000 away from our goal for support!  We need your help.  We have a few fundraisers open, but our friends and family are growing sick of us.  Will you spread the word and invite others to participate?  We understand that not everyone can give.  We respect that and your budget with no questions asked.  But if you want to help and cannot give, there are some other ways that you can play a significant role.  The biggest way, spread the word.  Invite others.  Share our story.  Pray.  Pray.  Pray.

A few ways to be a part financially:

1)  Donate.  You (or anyone) can give and donate at any time through our PayPal link.  Any amount is greatly appreciated, but I am sharing the Teddy Chart again.  Each time a donation is made in a specific amount, we add a Teddy to that number.  Our goal is to fill the entire chart with Teddies.  Can you help?

2)  Sell!  If you are in the sales industry, would you consider having a party and donating a portion of the sales to our adoption?  Or if you are in the service industry, would you consider having a cut-a-thon, mini photo sessions, or anything else with Teddy in mind?

fundraiser3)  Host.  I am looking for 4-10 people to host a party and get some holiday shopping done early.  This is an awesome way for everyone to win!  You get to hang out with your friends.  You all get to shop.  You earn free stuff.  And…you are making a donation without spending any thing extra!  Please consider Pure Haven Essentials – quality products for the whole family without the toxic chemicals or Rodan + Fields – a premium skincare brand built on a legacy of innovative dermatology-based skincare products backed by clinically proven results.  If you would like a different product and need help finding a consultant, please let me know.

4) Buy.  As you are shopping and taking care of your own needs, please consider using one of these links.  Amazon.  Anytime you are shopping through Amazon, use this link and we get a very small percentage.    Pure Haven Essentials.  Shampoo, conditioner, makeup, cleaning supplies, baby products, etc.  No toxic chemicals and completely GLUTEN FREE!  I truly love this stuff!  At least 30% will be donated for your purchase, sometimes more when ordering through my link.                                                                                                                                       Rodan + Fields.  Skincare that truly has results and can change your life.  10-20% will go towards our adoption if you purchase through the above link.

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