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I am No Longer a Slave

When we started this journey, we knew there would be some obstacles.  We’ve heard of wonderful redemptive stories, but everyone prepares us to wait.  We always thought the waiting would be waiting for a baby to come home.  Waiting to be matched.  We didn’t expect so much waiting in other areas of our lives.

Our struggle with infertility wasn’t an easy one either.  I’m not sure if it was adrenaline or grieving, but things were definitely different.  Both processes have been a roller coaster.  When we started pursuing adoption, we felt the incredible peace of God.  That has been evident throughout this journey.

We are in the midst of our home studies.  For the most part, the adoption process has been smooth.  December was quite the blur though.  Of course there are always the holidays and family time, but that seems to be minor from our last month.  We had a huge tree fall on our house and completely destroy the newly finished nursery.  We are in the process of rebuilding our home now.  Trying to balance all of the plates at once, makes things…interesting.  December has just felt chaotic – but we have felt God’s peace in whole new way.  We are thankful – and humble!

Jan 5Don’t get me wrong, the fear does try to creep in.  We feel it.  These are the times I feel the Lord so close to us.  His promises seem more real than ever.  This week, I heard a song that just made me stand in awe.  A great reminder of the battle that has already been won.  I am who I am, simply because God said so.  What He says – is as true as it gets.  It’s not only good, but also TRUE.  No questions asked.  (Getting that through my tough skull is another story.)

And just like that, the Lord show’s His gentleness once again.  This morning some more donations for Teddy came in.  My heart crumbles thinking about the doubt and fear and God sweeping in with His perfect plan.  I can’t wrap my mind around all the questions and how God’s perfect plan works in a fallen world, but, I KNOW it is true!

Today we are just over 50% of our goal for raising outside funds for #bringingteddyhome!  It is so humbling to think of the community surrounding Teddy and supporting him/her before they even know him/her.  The love we have felt from around the world is overwhelming.  Thank you to all of you praying and supporting us!  Once we complete the home study process, we can apply for a few grants to help financially.  Please join us in praying for this process and for God’s protection over us and Teddy.

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