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It’s a Match

We received a phone call a couple weeks before.  Three different employees from our agency called us on a conference call – they had a birth mother that chose us.  They congratulated us and gave us some basic information regarding the birth mother and child.  They asked us for our availability and wanted to try and schedule a meeting for all of us to get together.  At the time of the phone call, she was about 36 weeks along – but they noted that her last pregnancy she delivered early.

We started quickly doing inventory and making sure we had everything we needed for bringing a baby home.  We packed our own hospital bags and made arrangements for our dog while we were gone.  It looked like things were going to move fast, but it’s also never a guarantee that the birth mother will not change her mind.  So we prepared and prayed.

About two weeks later, on a Friday, we scheduled a time to get together.  A representative from our agency, us, and the birth mother met.  We took her flowers and a card.  She had just come from a doctor’s appointment.  She showed us ultrasounds pictures and let us know that she was 3cm dilated.  The doctor had said he would induce on Monday if he had not arrived before then.

The baby kicked all throughout our time together and she let us feel.  She was amazing and sweet and wanted to include us in any way possible.  We didn’t really know what to expect during that time, but we couldn’t have imagined anything better.  She was super sweet, beautiful, friendly, and a hero.


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