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Keep Your Eye on the Prize

I like lists.  I like crossing things off my list.  I like something to look forward to.  When I used to teach, it was great to have first day and last day of school.  There was a beginning and an end.  When Mike finished grad school and started working full time, I realized school calendars were different.  Most people don’t get a definite beginning and end.  So how do they feel like they accomplished anything?

I am not trying to say you didn’t accomplish anything.  The reality is you and I do – even when it doesn’t seem like we do.  I’m working on that.  Trying to bring myself to a place that items checked off my checklist do not make me more valuable…and items that don’t get crossed off, doesn’t make me anything less.  Oh – but that Type A inside wants to think so differently!

As I have been struggling through that (and yes, it is a struggle), I am seeing that there IS a place for end.  A place for goals.  A place to dangle the carrot.  I love when we schedule vacations in advance because it gives me something to look forward to.  Something I am excited about even if the day didn’t go as planned.

Princess Registration

Well, 2014 has been a rough one for us.  So, I found something that I can put on my list, hopefully cross off, and look forward to.  I think I may have lost my mind.  I’m not a runner.  Never have been. But…here I am.  Not only did I register for a half marathon today, but I registered to run a 10k the very next day!  So, 19.3 miles in just over 24 hours.  It’s ok – I know.  CRAZY!  But please don’t remind me of that part.  Cheer me on to the finish line!


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