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Life After the Wedding

10458314_10152115161667511_2952747394731362478_n“Don’t you just work Saturdays?”

This and so many questions explain the life of a wedding photographer.  I know this thought goes through so many people’s minds – especially when they see a price tag for photography.  So, I thought I would give you a little glimpse of what this weekend looked like from our side and how that question is asked soooooo much.  Let me also say that we LOVE what we do, and this weekend was no exception.  We are grateful for these opportunities, but think it’s important to share what goes on behind the scenes.

Thursday Mike spent the day as a normal work day at the church.  I worked on some blog posts and Facebook posts since we would be gone all weekend.  We spent the evening packing and charging our cameras and flash.  Spent some time making sure everything was in working order and cooperating with one another.  Picked up several items from the grocery so we could prepare and pack all my food for the weekend.

Friday we got up.  Ate breakfast.  Showered and then hit the road.  We had a 7 hour drive ahead of us.  It took about 6.5 hours to make our way to Atlanta, just in time for rush hour.  So another hour and a half later, we arrived at the hotel.  While we were on the road, we got word that Mike’s brother and his wife had their baby – conveniently in Atlanta.  So after eating some dinner, we headed down to meet our new nephew.  We headed back to the hotel and call it an early night since we had a long day ahead.

Saturday morning came pretty quickly.  We got up. Showered.  Ate breakfast and loaded up the car.  Headed to the hotel where the bride and groom were staying and let the shooting began.  This was about 10 am.  We were back and forth between a few venues and then headed off to the ceremony site.  Luckily this was also the reception site, so we didn’t have to load and unload all the equipment again.  The new Mr. and Mrs. left just after 7:45pm and we were back in the car by 8:15pm.  We could have stayed another night in Atlanta and driven pack on Sunday.  As we contemplated the weekend, we realized we could actually have some more time to relax and get images uploaded if we drove back Saturday night.  So, at 8:15 we climbed in the care and began the 7 hour trip back home.  We arrive shortly after 3am.  We imported all the photos and called it a day around 4am.

We went through a chose a couple photos to share on Facebook and Instagram with the bride and groom and all their friends yesterday.  Beyond that, we took yesterday off.  Today was back on the computer sifting and culling through all the photos and marking those as keepers.  Tomorrow I will finish going through the images and hopefully begin editing.  I will continue editing Wednesday and Thursday and hopefully have a sneak peek for the blog by the end of the week.

We will spend a few more hours designing and ordering an album for the couple and a final consult to share all the final images with the couple.

So, just some thoughts.  There is a LOT that goes in to delivering those lovely images to the bride and groom.  Most of what the public sees is just the shooting time.  If that is all that went into a photography business, I think there would be a lot more photographers – and yes, the prices would be much lower.  Trust me!  You do not want that to happen!

We truly love what we do and LOVE being able to celebrate alongside such incredible people.  My lack of sleep is making me work a little in slow motion this week, but will still have photos ready for the couple when they arrive home from their honeymoon!


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