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Long Overdue

It’s been awhile.  Six months.  I’ve thought about writing this update over and over again, but never really felt like doing it.  Truthfully, I wanted something good to say.  I wasn’t happy with where we were and what was going on.  I had pictured the last six months going very differently than they did.  But, I’m trying to embrace reality and sit in the present time.

The beginning of December, we had our first home study on a Friday afternoon.  Almost exactly 24 hours later, a tree fell and crushed half our house.  No storm.  No apparent reason, beyond the tree being dead inside.  We had an appointment with some tree guys to come out on the following Monday to deal with a tree we had concerns about.  The tree that fell was not on our radar.  Never lost a limb – plus it was in our neighbor’s yard.

Around the same time, our beloved pastor was going through some medical issues and was out of work for awhile.  Mike took on some more responsibility.  Insurance put us up in an apartment and we continued to SLOWLY continue with the adoption process.

Our house began to be put back together – slower than a snail.  We quickly realized that the estimated 3 months was unrealistic and settled a little more into our apartment.  Since we obviously didn’t have enough going on, we decided to get a puppy.  She’s a bichpoo (bichon and toy poodle mix) and we love her to pieces.  But my goodness, she breaks my will.  In less than 24 hours, I was having a breakdown realizing how little I could control.  Thankfully she has chipped away at that before Teddy comes home.  I’m sure that will have enough struggles of it’s own.

61 percent                           April 29

Meanwhile, we were humbled.  Not only did our pup break down some of our selfishness, but the Lord has been so gentle and gracious to us.  We had soooooo many people willing to lend a helping hand with our moves, construction, pup, and everything in between.  We have been surrounded by prayer in a whole new way.  We had support continue to come in and our house got put back together without losing anything important along the way.

Some days (and weeks) have been harder than others.  But we are grateful.  We are picking back up where we left off before.  Would you please pray for these next steps?  We have a meeting with our adoption specialist next week.  This will help give us a clearer picture of what is left for us to complete.  You can pray for peace and grace.  Also pray for another meeting we will have and for availability for the other party involved.  Please continue to pray for Teddy and Teddy’s parents…and all the steps for getting Teddy home.

Thank you!

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