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Not the candy.  I mean these two are sweet and all, but still not the candy – meet Mike & Mandy.  Plus they have two little ones that may steal the show.  We had such a sweet time with them and have had such a great time getting to know them over the last couple of years.  Their little ones enjoyed exploring and crossing every.single.bridge.  They may not know my name half the time, but I have had some super sweet times with them playing and even Dale cuddling in my lap on Christmas when he didn’t feel so well.  So, enjoy a little sneak peak of these four!


So Mike and Mandy had a little kiss and the kiddos couldn’t resist the opportunity to copy.  Such sweet brother and sister love!


There was a stage.  So of course they wanted to sing…and dance!


I know, an electrical box is not so pretty.  But when the girl stops, poses, and says, “take my picture!” – you just obey!



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