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One Small Step

This week has been full of emotions.  Honestly, I was feeling nervous.  This week was loaded with some heavy and big things.  Deciding to pick back up in the adoption process was something we didn’t take lightly.  We’ve really felt this was what the Lord had planned for us.  This is how He has wanted to grow our family.  But hurdles along the way have made it difficult.

12593766_10154054839059645_312712546316483388_oSome days I felt like everyone was in our corner.  We had the best cheering section and coach.  Then other days it was easy to see only the opponent and I felt like David against Goliath.  This week has felt so different.  We have been so encouraged and all the details seem to be falling into place.  We have felt really supported by our adoption agency and it looks like we are closer to wrapping up paper work than we thought!  Praise the Lord for hearing our cries and answering our prayers!

This is the newest addition to our family, Mozzie.  You can follow along on her adventures with #LittleMissMozzie.  Basically, we figured everyone would smile after seeing her adorable face.
So, now what?  Well, it looks like we have just one meeting left!  Yes – ONE!  It’s really hard to believe.  Once this meeting is over, they will write up the final report (which can take up to six weeks.)  After that report, we are officially considered a WAITING FAMILY!  This has been such good news this week and we are so excited to celebrate.  Please join us in giving praise the Jesus!  You can also pray for this last meeting.  It looks like it will be the end of August, but we would love to get in sooner if that is possible.  You can also pray for financial support (more info below) and of course Teddy and his/her family.

April 29people have asked how they can help and support us during this time.  We are so incredibly grateful and have had an abundance of donations made, both financially and gifts for Teddy to enjoy.  All of our major needs have been purchased or donated at this point.  But we will have a big check to write out after this next meeting.  Due to amazing friends, family, and strangers, we are already over 60% towards our goal!  Here are some ways you can consider getting involved:

If you would like to make a financial contribution, you can do so following this link.

Anytime you are shopping through Amazon, please consider using this link, as Amazon gives a small percentage to us.

Stay tuned!  We may be selling some shirts, or photo sessions, or other items soon.  Follow along here for the most up to date information and invite others on this journey too.

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