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Our Journey

Our life has always been an adventure.

We met overseas while working for CRU, or Campus Crusade for Christ.  We started dating long distance shortly after.  After 6 months of dating across countries, Sara followed Mike to Orlando, Florida while he began his Masters of Divinity and she began teaching full time.

We loved living in the same country – same state – same city!  When we got married, it was important to use to build a solid foundation in our marriage and develop our friendship.  We are incredibly grateful for so many years with just the two of us as a family!  We’ve been blessed to travel and see the world, move around a few too many times, change jobs here and there, and even start a business (or two) along the way.  God has definitely been good to us.

A few years ago we began pursuing expanding our family.  It didn’t take long before we realized this was going to have its own complications and be a long road.  We found ourselves with so many options:  medical treatments, adoption, and anything inbetween.  We moved adoption to the back burner as we carefully considered other options.

The first pregnancy was hard.  We didn’t know what to expect and were hopeful.  We had some complications early on and 7 weeks in, Easter, found ourselves miscarrying.  Although we were devastated, we were in a whirlwind of chaos.  Sara suffered from severe Post Partum Anxiety and it was difficult for us to process all that had happened.

Some time passed and we found out we were pregnant again.  Similar to last time, we were on a roller coaster.  There was concern right away, but after other lab work things seemed hopeful.  Because of the complications before, we were in and out of the doctor’s office every 2-3 days for testing.  One day things looked good and promising, and the next time results told us to prepare for the worst.  Throughout the ups and downs, things seemed different.  We were at peace.

That pregnancy soon ended in a miscarriage.  We were disappointed.  We grieved and celebrated, but we were hopeful.  We didn’t find ourselves crying out “why me?” or desperately grasping on for hope.  We had a peace and things seemed different.

Throughout this time, we didn’t talk much about what was next.  We both found ourselves thinking about adoption quite often.  We didn’t talk about it – we didn’t even mention it to one another.  We’re not exactly sure why, but maybe it was because we were too scared the other wasn’t ready…or we wondered if we were ready ourselves.  We waited…and waited…and at some point it finally came up.  You know, God has an interesting way of making things happen.  He had been preparing both of our hearts to bring us to this place.  We had been wrestling with Him separately, but He had brought us to the exact same place – the same vision – the same burden.  Our family was growing-through adoption.

Again, things were different.  Adoption wasn’t the last resort.  Adoption wasn’t our only hope.  Adoption is a choice.  Love is a choice.  This is Plan A – and probably always was in God’s eyes.

We are absolutely thrilled for this next chapter in our lives!  We are hopeful because we were adopted by God.  We are grateful because somewhere out there a mother is going through a very difficult time, one we cannot fathom, and yet she is choosing to give her baby life.  We are joyful because we know this baby is already loved by so many and that we have a great community to walk through this with us.

Will you join us on our adventure?

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