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Our Story and Where Are We

We are so incredibly grateful for all the work that our friend, Sierra, and a few others put into the video for us!  From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!  We appreciate you so very much!

We are currently pursuing Domestic Infant Adoption with Bethany Christian Services.  We have heard wonderful things about working with them and LOVE that they really care for the birth mother, and family.  We have several close friends that have, or are in the process of, adopting with Bethany as well.

IMG_3354We are in the early stages – although we have already jumped through several hoops.  🙂  We have decided on an agency and chosen what type of adoption we want to pursue.  We have attended the required general information meeting along with a two-day training before completing the third (and lengthy) application.

From here, we are waiting for our references to fill out their forms and then we should be assigned a case worker.  The next step will be a series of 3 Home Studies to ensure our home and family are safe for a new little one.  We will also begin completing our online profile and printing profile books.  Once the Home Studies and profiles are complete, we officially will be in the “waiting” category.

As a birth mother discusses with Bethany, they will find matches to our online profile.  Once the categories and wishes match up online, the birth family is then introduced to those profile books.  Here the birth families can browse and get to know each family a little better, while narrowing down their choice.  Once they have chosen a family, Bethany will arrange a meeting between all the parents.  If all goes accordingly, the birth family will then officially consider that adoptive family a “match.”  They try to match families around the 30th week of pregnancy – but that does not always happen.  They say the average “wait” time is 18 months – but you never know if it will be before or after that.

There is a LOT of information that goes into this.  We will try to share in bite-size pieces, so continue following along and pray.  Please pray for this little one, who we are calling Teddy for the time being, and his/her birth parents.

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