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A year ago we started this journey.  September 11, 2015 we started telling our friends and family about our plan to adopt.  We had already attended an introduction meeting and in the weeks to follow, we would complete our application and attend a two day training with our adoption agency.  We shared so many tears and celebrations in the days to follow.  It didn’t take long before we realized the army that was surrounding us and cheering us on, all over the world.  And we are grateful!


Yes – it has been a rocky road over the last year.  We have had our ups and downs, but we have been incredibly blessed!  Even while having to vacate our home for nearly 6 months, part of the process was able to continue.  We were blown away by the support, prayers, and donations that came in.  We have a meeting scheduled this week and then will have one final one before all the paper work is complete.  Our hope is to be officially waiting by the end of the month.

As we are nearing this last hurdle, we need to complete our payment to the agency.  We are selling t-shirts throughout the month.  Any donation of $25 or more will receive and free shirt!  Our goal is to sell 100 different shirts by the end of the month.  This is no easy task and we know we cannot make it on our own.  Will you help us?  Please spread the word.  We are happy to ship them out and will place the bulk order for the shirts in October.  If you would like to order a shirt, please place your order HERE.  You can then make your donation HERE.

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OH!  And I almost forgot.  We got a few sample shirts in.  So the first people to donate $100 or more will get their hands on one of the shirts we have right away!  We are so excited about the support from you all and look forward to literally seeing all the love throughout the world!  Thank you!

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We are so close to wrapping up the paper work for the adoption process! A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to so many prayers, love, and encouragement along the way! As we are nearing the finish line and begin the official “waiting game,” we have another check to write. We have been blown away and have over 60% of our goal raised. We want to finish this race strong and give everyone the opportunity to be a part of this journey.

Any donations of $25 or more between now and October 1 will receive a free shirt! (Shirts will be ready in October.)

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This week has been full of emotions.  Honestly, I was feeling nervous.  This week was loaded with some heavy and big things.  Deciding to pick back up in the adoption process was something we didn’t take lightly.  We’ve really felt this was what the Lord had planned for us.  This is how He has wanted to grow our family.  But hurdles along the way have made it difficult.

12593766_10154054839059645_312712546316483388_oSome days I felt like everyone was in our corner.  We had the best cheering section and coach.  Then other days it was easy to see only the opponent and I felt like David against Goliath.  This week has felt so different.  We have been so encouraged and all the details seem to be falling into place.  We have felt really supported by our adoption agency and it looks like we are closer to wrapping up paper work than we thought!  Praise the Lord for hearing our cries and answering our prayers!

This is the newest addition to our family, Mozzie.  You can follow along on her adventures with #LittleMissMozzie.  Basically, we figured everyone would smile after seeing her adorable face.
So, now what?  Well, it looks like we have just one meeting left!  Yes – ONE!  It’s really hard to believe.  Once this meeting is over, they will write up the final report (which can take up to six weeks.)  After that report, we are officially considered a WAITING FAMILY!  This has been such good news this week and we are so excited to celebrate.  Please join us in giving praise the Jesus!  You can also pray for this last meeting.  It looks like it will be the end of August, but we would love to get in sooner if that is possible.  You can also pray for financial support (more info below) and of course Teddy and his/her family.

April 29people have asked how they can help and support us during this time.  We are so incredibly grateful and have had an abundance of donations made, both financially and gifts for Teddy to enjoy.  All of our major needs have been purchased or donated at this point.  But we will have a big check to write out after this next meeting.  Due to amazing friends, family, and strangers, we are already over 60% towards our goal!  Here are some ways you can consider getting involved:

If you would like to make a financial contribution, you can do so following this link.

Anytime you are shopping through Amazon, please consider using this link, as Amazon gives a small percentage to us.

Stay tuned!  We may be selling some shirts, or photo sessions, or other items soon.  Follow along here for the most up to date information and invite others on this journey too.

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It’s been awhile.  Six months.  I’ve thought about writing this update over and over again, but never really felt like doing it.  Truthfully, I wanted something good to say.  I wasn’t happy with where we were and what was going on.  I had pictured the last six months going very differently than they did.  But, I’m trying to embrace reality and sit in the present time.

The beginning of December, we had our first home study on a Friday afternoon.  Almost exactly 24 hours later, a tree fell and crushed half our house.  No storm.  No apparent reason, beyond the tree being dead inside.  We had an appointment with some tree guys to come out on the following Monday to deal with a tree we had concerns about.  The tree that fell was not on our radar.  Never lost a limb – plus it was in our neighbor’s yard.

Around the same time, our beloved pastor was going through some medical issues and was out of work for awhile.  Mike took on some more responsibility.  Insurance put us up in an apartment and we continued to SLOWLY continue with the adoption process.

Our house began to be put back together – slower than a snail.  We quickly realized that the estimated 3 months was unrealistic and settled a little more into our apartment.  Since we obviously didn’t have enough going on, we decided to get a puppy.  She’s a bichpoo (bichon and toy poodle mix) and we love her to pieces.  But my goodness, she breaks my will.  In less than 24 hours, I was having a breakdown realizing how little I could control.  Thankfully she has chipped away at that before Teddy comes home.  I’m sure that will have enough struggles of it’s own.

61 percent                           April 29

Meanwhile, we were humbled.  Not only did our pup break down some of our selfishness, but the Lord has been so gentle and gracious to us.  We had soooooo many people willing to lend a helping hand with our moves, construction, pup, and everything in between.  We have been surrounded by prayer in a whole new way.  We had support continue to come in and our house got put back together without losing anything important along the way.

Some days (and weeks) have been harder than others.  But we are grateful.  We are picking back up where we left off before.  Would you please pray for these next steps?  We have a meeting with our adoption specialist next week.  This will help give us a clearer picture of what is left for us to complete.  You can pray for peace and grace.  Also pray for another meeting we will have and for availability for the other party involved.  Please continue to pray for Teddy and Teddy’s parents…and all the steps for getting Teddy home.

Thank you!

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When we started this journey, we knew there would be some obstacles.  We’ve heard of wonderful redemptive stories, but everyone prepares us to wait.  We always thought the waiting would be waiting for a baby to come home.  Waiting to be matched.  We didn’t expect so much waiting in other areas of our lives.

Our struggle with infertility wasn’t an easy one either.  I’m not sure if it was adrenaline or grieving, but things were definitely different.  Both processes have been a roller coaster.  When we started pursuing adoption, we felt the incredible peace of God.  That has been evident throughout this journey.

We are in the midst of our home studies.  For the most part, the adoption process has been smooth.  December was quite the blur though.  Of course there are always the holidays and family time, but that seems to be minor from our last month.  We had a huge tree fall on our house and completely destroy the newly finished nursery.  We are in the process of rebuilding our home now.  Trying to balance all of the plates at once, makes things…interesting.  December has just felt chaotic – but we have felt God’s peace in whole new way.  We are thankful – and humble!

Jan 5Don’t get me wrong, the fear does try to creep in.  We feel it.  These are the times I feel the Lord so close to us.  His promises seem more real than ever.  This week, I heard a song that just made me stand in awe.  A great reminder of the battle that has already been won.  I am who I am, simply because God said so.  What He says – is as true as it gets.  It’s not only good, but also TRUE.  No questions asked.  (Getting that through my tough skull is another story.)

And just like that, the Lord show’s His gentleness once again.  This morning some more donations for Teddy came in.  My heart crumbles thinking about the doubt and fear and God sweeping in with His perfect plan.  I can’t wrap my mind around all the questions and how God’s perfect plan works in a fallen world, but, I KNOW it is true!

Today we are just over 50% of our goal for raising outside funds for #bringingteddyhome!  It is so humbling to think of the community surrounding Teddy and supporting him/her before they even know him/her.  The love we have felt from around the world is overwhelming.  Thank you to all of you praying and supporting us!  Once we complete the home study process, we can apply for a few grants to help financially.  Please join us in praying for this process and for God’s protection over us and Teddy.

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