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27 percentIt’s hard to believe we attended our official adoption training 2 months ago.  We have made some HUGE strides, and there is no telling how much more “waiting” we have to do.  We are encouraged and excited as we start to schedule the Home Studies.  We are unsure of exactly what to expect, but hopefully can fill you all in some more in the weeks to come.

We are so grateful that we continue to experience God’s grace through so many gracious friends!  We will need to pay a pretty big lump sum before completing our Home Studies.  We are exploring some other fundraising ideas, but one of the easiest ways we can raise some funds, is through all the Christmas and holiday shopping.  If you are shopping through Amazon, will you consider using this link?  For each purchase made using this link, Amazon will give a small portion to us.  This does not cost you anything extra, but is a small way to help.


Please let us know if you have any questions.  Then check out the updated Teddy chart!
Nov 24

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24 percentI don’t think patience comes easy.  Throughout this process, we have tried to be diligent about what we can and rest in peace about everything not in our power.  Some days that is much easier than others.  Some things go faster than others and this process (or our application) are more of a priority to some compared to others.  I’m guessing this will all seem less intense down the road.  But for now, it seems all encompassing.

We have continued to be humbled through our community.  So many loving friends, and strangers, have graciously and generously stood beside us and supported us.  We literally have people all over the world cheering us on and celebrating with us.  We are grateful!  We have reached nearly 25% of our goal from outside funds!  THANK YOU!!!


We have a few fundraising opportunities going on right now.  See the details below.  Of course you can always make a general donation by using the DONATE NOW button or check or cash.

Nov 13Chick-fil-A coupon calendars – $7 (or more).  The coupons can be used at any store throughout 2016.  We re happy to ship any of the coupon cards at our expense, but if you would like the entire calendar, we just ask you cover shipping as well.  Of course anyone local can pick them up as well.

Jamberry Online Party – Shop online at https://robindevor.jamberry.com and select my party at checkout.  30% of the sales will be donated to #BringingTeddyHome.  (If you would like to join the Facebook event, please let me know.)

Donations – We are hoping to hold another online auction/garage sale in January.  If you are cleaning out your home, would you consider donating some items to this cause?  We are working out the details now, but setting those aside for us, would be super helpful.

Oh – and one more thing – we’ve been assigned an adoption specialist!!!  This means Home Studies will be scheduled in the next few months.  Please pray for these next steps.  Pray for diligence in finishing some details on our home and the emotional conversations that will be coming our way.  Pray also for scheduling and that this may be able to be completed in 2015, even with the holidays.

Thanks again for joining us on this journey!

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Nov 3First, we want to say THANK YOU!  We are so grateful for wonderful friends and family that are supporting us on this journey.  We are so excited to celebrate with a loving community!

Because of you – we are already at 10% of our goal!  Our overall expenses are estimated to be around $30,000 and we are hoping to raise 50-60% in outside funds.  We have a payment of over $10,000 quickly approaching and would love to have those funds covered by half.  Will you consider joining us?  You can see the Teddy Tracker to the right.  Just pick a number that needs a Teddy and send that amount.  Cash, check, or PayPal is fine.

CFA Calendars


We also have Chick-fil-A coupon calendars for sale.  The cost is $7 or more with all proceeds going to help fund our adoption.  I’m happy to send the coupon card to you at no additional cost, or if you would like the calendar,  we just ask you cover the shipping charge as well.

Oh – and some of our BIGGEST news – ALL of our application has been received!  Background checks, references, and questionnaires have all cleared.  We will be assigned an adoption specialist and start scheduling our Home Studies!  Please continue praying and check back often for updates!


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We are super grateful for so many gracious gifts already!  All of our paper work and references have been submitted, we are simply waiting for something from the state to be submitted.  This could happen any day now.  Once that has been received by our agency, our Home Studies will be scheduled!  Oh yes – we also have a check to write.  🙂

Adoption Mini SessionsRight now we are working on several ways that others can help, and hope to have something for everyone.  You can simply donate through GoFundMe or PayPal, but below are a few additional ways that would also help:

Amazon:  Who doesn’t shop online anymore?  Before you do your shopping, would you consider using our affiliate link?  This will give us a very small percentage back from your purchases – and if you are shopping any how, it does not cost you anything extra.

Online Auction:  We have several items to get rid of as we make room for Teddy.  Auction runs from October 24-31.  Highest bidder at the end of the day on October 31.  Will ship at buyers expense or arrange local pick up within 72 hours of auction closing.  Feel free to invite others or donate some items as well.

Mini Sessions:  We have opened up mini photo sessions for November 14 at Lake Lily in Maitland.  This is a great way to get those family photos done for Christmas cards or add some updated artwork to your home.  Please email mikeandsaragraham@gmail.com to reserve your time.  Limited availability (but will consider opening another date if needed.)

Party:  Several different friends are hosting fundraising parties throughout the next few weeks.  There is already A Jamberry and Jewelry Trunk Show scheduled.  If you would like to participate in any of these, or would like to hold one for another company, please let us know.

Milk:  Yes – milk.  With all the benefits of breast milk, we would love to be able to have a supply at least half of his feedings with breast milk while supplementing with formula.  If you happen to have (or will have) a supply of milk, would you consider donating some to our freezer?

Share:  Yes – please please please share with anyone and everyone!  We already have heard from a few people offering their services to raise funds for Teddy.  Any thing you can do as an individual, family, small group, or church would be a huge help!

Thanks again for partnering with us and #bringingteddyhome.

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We are incredibly grateful for so many celebrating with us!  This journey has really been a great experience – and we know many of you are making that possible.  Thank you!

We have no idea how long this road will be, but we are certain we will need prayer.  For immediate or urgent prayer requests, be sure to follow us at Mike & Sara Graham on Facebook.  But for now, please join us in praying for the following:

Image of praying hands

Pray for Teddy and his/her parents.  We have no idea what their story is, but can only imagine how difficult this decision this is for them.

Pray for our upcoming home studies and no complications.

Pray for the fundraisers and support to help cover part of the initial cost of bringing Teddy home.

Pray for us and using our resources wisely, especially time, as we try to prepare for Teddy entering our family.

Thanks again!  xoxo


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