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Photography Mentors

Justin and Mary Marantz, Brett Butterstein, Jeremy Cowart, Jeremy Kester

This post is devoted to the people whose craft and art have inspired ours and what we have learned from each of them:

Some of these folks we’ve received in-person training, tutorials, and teaching and others have influenced us from afar with helpful tips, tricks, and interesting compositions.

Justin & Mary Marantz:  no single photographer has taught us more about the craft, art, and business of photography than Justin & Mary.  Justin and Mary have influenced how we see light, our use of off-camera flash, authentic posing, developing a timeless and classic style, and caring for our clients well.

Brett Butterstein:  we have been following Brett Butterstein for years.  We have learned a lot from his really interesting compositions and use of vibrant colors and B&W.

Jeremy Cowart:  there is scarcely a more interesting person in photography than Jeremy Cowart.  He is a serial entrepreneur who wears the wide variety of hats of photographer, app developer, humanitarian, and artist.  We have learned a good from afar about being kind, caring about meaning in your art, and trying to love people well.

Jeremy Kester:  empathetic would be the best word to describe Jeremy Kester.  He is a kind soul who really cares that we tell people’s stories.  We have learned how to be authentic storytellers (and not just photographers) from Jeremy.



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