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We are Mike & Sara Graham.  We are a husband and wife photography team specializing in weddings and telling stories of love.

But what is #theMSGexperience?  From when first started, we have always wanted to be different.  We wanted to stand out.  After all, isn’t that what businesses do?  Shouldn’t we tell you what makes us different?  In some ways, we have a lot to offer – many of those things are the same as other photographers and many things are different.  So where do we go?

As we started to photograph weddings of some of our dearest friends, we realized something.  The wedding was not about us!  And neither were the photos.  We love photographing weddings because we believe in marriage and love.  The couples we celebrate with are ALWAYS different and we love that.  As we started to talk about this to each other, we soon realized it wasn’t about making us different, or us standing out.  But, it is about our couples getting an experience they will never get again!

So, whether it is handwritten notes, a little gift, or a group date at Dave and Busters, we want our couples to feel the love we have for them and to be able to call them friends!  This may not look the same for every couple.   Our hope is that we can simply say thank you to each couple as we celebrate both their wedding and the love they have for one another.

So follow along at #theMSGexperience to see the lovely surprises we can’t always keep a secret!


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