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Two Steps Forward

24 percentI don’t think patience comes easy.  Throughout this process, we have tried to be diligent about what we can and rest in peace about everything not in our power.  Some days that is much easier than others.  Some things go faster than others and this process (or our application) are more of a priority to some compared to others.  I’m guessing this will all seem less intense down the road.  But for now, it seems all encompassing.

We have continued to be humbled through our community.  So many loving friends, and strangers, have graciously and generously stood beside us and supported us.  We literally have people all over the world cheering us on and celebrating with us.  We are grateful!  We have reached nearly 25% of our goal from outside funds!  THANK YOU!!!


We have a few fundraising opportunities going on right now.  See the details below.  Of course you can always make a general donation by using the DONATE NOW button or check or cash.

Nov 13Chick-fil-A coupon calendars – $7 (or more).  The coupons can be used at any store throughout 2016.  We re happy to ship any of the coupon cards at our expense, but if you would like the entire calendar, we just ask you cover shipping as well.  Of course anyone local can pick them up as well.

Jamberry Online Party – Shop online at https://robindevor.jamberry.com and select my party at checkout.  30% of the sales will be donated to #BringingTeddyHome.  (If you would like to join the Facebook event, please let me know.)

Donations – We are hoping to hold another online auction/garage sale in January.  If you are cleaning out your home, would you consider donating some items to this cause?  We are working out the details now, but setting those aside for us, would be super helpful.

Oh – and one more thing – we’ve been assigned an adoption specialist!!!  This means Home Studies will be scheduled in the next few months.  Please pray for these next steps.  Pray for diligence in finishing some details on our home and the emotional conversations that will be coming our way.  Pray also for scheduling and that this may be able to be completed in 2015, even with the holidays.

Thanks again for joining us on this journey!

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