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Ways to Pray

We are incredibly grateful for so many celebrating with us!  This journey has really been a great experience – and we know many of you are making that possible.  Thank you!

We have no idea how long this road will be, but we are certain we will need prayer.  For immediate or urgent prayer requests, be sure to follow us at Mike & Sara Graham on Facebook.  But for now, please join us in praying for the following:

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Pray for Teddy and his/her parents.  We have no idea what their story is, but can only imagine how difficult this decision this is for them.

Pray for our upcoming home studies and no complications.

Pray for the fundraisers and support to help cover part of the initial cost of bringing Teddy home.

Pray for us and using our resources wisely, especially time, as we try to prepare for Teddy entering our family.

Thanks again!  xoxo


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